A second chance for foods

Too twisted, too small, too big: the idea behind on.perfekt is to set up the first shop in the Grand Duchy selling imperfect foods, the aim being to engage the battle against food waste. The shop aims to give a second chance to foodstuffs that have to be discarded because they don’t meet the standards or have gone past their use-by date.

The shop also aims to support local and regional producers, either by carrying out a second harvest on regional farms or by recuperating unsold products from small producers, food shops and supermarkets. Consumers are free to pay whatever they think is a fair price. on.perfekt is a cooperative within which its active members offer their assistance in the shop and in the fields.

on.perfekt is currently looking for people who want to make an active commitment to the project. Initially the shop operates as a pop-up outlet that opens its doors one Saturday a month at Majerus-Geimer Constructions in Hosingen. The exact dates are published on the Facebook Page of on.perfekt. Later there will also be a shop in the northern or central part of the Grand Duchy.

The world isn’t perfect, so why should vegetables be? " Aline Hentz, Fabienne Faber and Julia Gregor - founders of on.perfekt