Ecobox, the alternative doggy bag

“Ecobox – Méi laang genéissen” is a national recycling system in Luxembourg for transporting food. In many restaurants, canteens and takeaways, the system allows guests to take home meals that they did not finish. Since the Ecobox is reusable, less food is thrown away and packaging is saved.

How does the Ecobox work?

This simple but effective system has proven to be a great success, both for consumers and caterers. In 2023, there were 110.095 Ecoboxes in circulation at 143 restaurants, 84 canteens, 74 school canteens and Maisons Relais, 2 municipalities and a few clubs.
  • All the companies offering the Ecobox are well recognisable by the Ecobox logo.
  • The Ecobox is available in two sizes: 500 ml or 1.000 ml.
  • Meals can be taken away in the Ecobox and then consumed anywhere.
  • After use, the Ecobox must be rinsed out.
  • Upon your next visit to the restaurant, you reuse the Ecobox or exchange it for a clean one.
  • Defective Ecoboxes can be returned to participating establishments.

The system is particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable. Broken Ecoboxes are sent back to the manufacturer and recycled to produce new products from the raw materials.

The Ecobox project was developed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development in collaboration with Superdreckskëscht® and HORESCA under the national plan for the management of waste and resources.

The project evolves depending on the demand from interested restaurants, canteens and take-aways.

For practical information: