Promote responsible handling of food

Why do the apple and the banana not go together? What else can you do with old bread besides feeding it to the ducks? Is flour whose use-by date has expired really not to be used anymore?

The Antigaspi exhibition targets households, where the majority of generated food waste occurs. The goal is to make young people aware of the issue of food waste, introduce new behavioural rules and thus value food and reduce household food waste.

Awareness-raising in schools

The travelling exhibition is often to be seen in schools, where it is primarily aimed at pupils of the third and fourth cycle of primary school. This gives children and teachers the opportunity, to experience the issue of food waste in a playful and interactive way.

The exhibition provides answers and information in a playful way together with everyday tips on dealing with food – planning the menu, shopping, stocking at home, interpreting use-by dates or using leftovers.

As part of this exhibition, knowledge can also be tested by means of competition. The winners of this competition will be drawn once a year at the end of December and contacted in writing by us. The exhibition, which can be found at specific large events, can also be reserved by schools, municipalities, clubs or companies.