Help with picking

The “Déifferdenger Pléckerten” are – together with the Jugendtreff Käl-Téiteng – the winner of the Ministry of Agriculture’s 2020 call for projects against food waste. Those who have fruit trees in their garden, or even own an orchard, and who need help with picking the fruit can contact the group. And of course, people who want to pick and collect fruit can also get in touch.

The “Déifferdenger Pléckerten” used the money they received from the Ministry of Agriculture for winning the call for projects, amongst other things, to buy two ladders. Photo: Déifferdenger Pléckerten

This initiative to pick fruit, vegetables and herbs before they rot was started by the social commission of the Differdingen municipality and has so far proved to be a success. The fruit that was picked on the first two dates has been divided among the harvesters. However, when larger quantities are picked, they are processed with the help of the youth centre and the Club Senior.

Anyone who is interested to volunteer and participate in the picking as well as any resident of the municipality of Differdingen who would like to make their fruit trees available to the initiative can get in touch with the “Déifferdenger Pléckerten”.