The self-service fridge in the town centre of Tuntange

In September 2019, the youth hostel of Hollenfels has set up a self-service refrigerator in the village centre of Tuntange to offer their surplus cooked dishes a second chance at being consumed.

The youth hostel puts unsold cooked meals in the fridge. Then anyone can help themselves to these dishes, paying 3 € per meal.

A fridge for distributing unsold meals

This initiative reduces the created volumes of organic waste and offers residents and passers-by a quick means of obtaining high-quality, inexpensive dishes.

In addition, the youth hostel commits to fair trade by using “Fairtrade” certified products, supports a sustainable diet and cooks dishes using regional products with the label “Sou schmaacht Lëtzebuerg”.

Daily menus available in the fridge are posted every day on the Facebook page of the Hollenfels youth hostel .

The initiative is implemented by the Hollenfels youth hostel with the support of the municipality of Helperknapp and the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development.

Official press release 25.10.2019