The Antigaspi logo for your projects and initiatives

You are taking action to reduce food waste? Then you can use the Antigaspi logo of the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development. This logo shows that your initiative has the support of the Ministry and is a way to increase the visibility of your actions and projects. Here you’ll find the terms and conditions that regulate the use of the “Antigaspi” brand, as well as the forms you have to fill in in order to ask for the Ministry’s authorization for the use of the logo.

Terms of use of the Antigaspi logo

If you wish to use the Antigaspi campaign logo for an action or a product, please note the following conditions:

• The main objective of your action/product must be the reduction of food waste.
• Your action/product must be beneficial to the general public.
• The logo may only be used with the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture.
• The logo may be used for a maximum period of 1 year. That period may be extended.
• The logo may not be modified, except its dimensions.
• Any medium (printed or electronic) on which the logo appears must be approved in advance by the Ministry of Agriculture.
• Upon the expiry of the right to use the logo, you are required to submit an appraisal of your action/product to the Ministry of Agriculture.

More detailed information is available in the terms and conditions.

If this is the first time that you are applying for permission to use the logo, please send the form “Demande initiale”, duly filled out, to To extend your initial application, please use the form titled “Demande de reconduction”.