The municipalities have a key role to play in the fight to stop wasting food

Apart from the financial and ecological aspects, we all also have an ethical obligation to stop wasting food. The challenge lies in deciding how to feed the world’s population while at the same time using our natural resources carefully so that we don’t endanger the future of the generations to come. Because of their proximity to local residents, the municipalities are best placed to raise public awareness by carrying out small-scale actions that lead to large-scale mobilisation. You’ll find examples and ideas to put into practice in our leaflet entitled – D’Gemengen als Multiplicateur: Praktesch Rotschléi fir manner ze verbëtzen (LU).

Initiatives at the local level

All the municipalities in the Grand Duchy have been invited to join the fight to stop wasting food at the local level and to sign the “anti-waste solidarity pact”. The initiative has been a great success: 92 of the Grand Duchy’s 102 municipalities have signed.

Each signatory municipality is able to raise awareness among the children attending its elementary school(s) by hosting the travelling exhibition aimed at stopping food wastage produced by the Ministry of Agriculture; there is no cost to the municipality, and the Ministry takes charge of delivering and setting up the exhibition.

If each one of us adopts appropriate behaviour, together we’ll be able to make a real difference!