Solidarity pact against food waste with municipalities

Because the municipalities are closest to the citizen, they can best assist with small actions to make their citizens aware and thus enable widespread mobilisation.

Antigaspi - the exhibition

The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness of food waste, to promote food appreciation and to reduce household food waste.

The anti-waste fridge in Tuntange

Since 2 September 2019, the youth hostel of Hollenfels has set up a self-service refrigerator in Tuntange in the village centre to offer their surplus cooked menus a second chance at being consumed.

Anti-waste Charter

Food waste can only be fought with the help of a wide mobilisation. That's why it is so important that as many actors as possible join this wave of solidarity.

Redistribution and donation of food

In Luxembourg, although there is no law requiring supermarkets to hand over their unsold products to charitable associations instead of disposing of them, supermarket chains do so on a voluntary basis.

Ecobox – doggy bag system

“ECOBOX - Méi laang genéissen“ is a national recycling system for transporting food! In many restaurants, canteens and takeaways, the system allows guests to take their meal with them.

School and university canteens of RESTOPOLIS

RESTOPOLIS' school and university canteens are dedicated to managing their kitchens in a more sustainable way.

Information and awareness-raising campaign

Worldwide, 1/3 of all produced food is thrown away. The biggest contributors are private individuals. In Luxembourg, a private household wastes an average of 124 kg per person per year, which represents three garbage trucks a day!

Anti-waste training

A training course with the aim of identifying ways to reduce food waste.
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