Foods at reduced prices

F4A was set up at the end of 2018. Its speedy success has attracted a number of international awards for its commitment to combating food waste.

F4A’s concept is to reduce food waste in supermarkets. Using technological solutions, in particular its digital application, F4A provides a user-friendly link between consumers and retailers/distributors. Using the F4A application, the latter can increase the visibility of products close to their use-by date and inform customers of their price reductions on food items in real time.

The application also offers a range of recipes to provide users with inspiration for their dishes.

How does it work? Consumers can download the F4A app free of charge on Apple Store and Google Play. The app allows consumers to add products to their shopping list and to immediately start their shopping tour in the supermarket. Adopting F4A means saving money whilst using an eco-responsible approach.

Adopting F4A means preventing food waste, increasing traders net margins and offering everyone access to quality food. " Ilana Devillers – founder and CEO of F4A