Apples in all forms

Eppelpress is a family firm that has been producing juice, syrup, jam and balsamic vinegar using locally grown fruit since 2008. And since you don’t get fruit if you don’t have bees, Eppelpress has its own swarms of bees, busily pollinating the blossom on fruit trees. Honey and honey eau-de-vie have been added to the products on offer.

Anyone can make an appointment and go to Eppelpress. If they have at least 200 kilos of apples they receive apple juice (Viz) pressed from their own apples. It’s also possible to leave surplus fruit with Eppelpress (by appointment), which will then be put into the production circuit.

The pomace is either used to feed the farm’s cows or delivered to a biogas energy production unit.

The aim of Eppelpress is to support and promote the conservation and maintenance of our orchards, and this only makes sense if the fruit can be used. The anti-waste logic starts with harvesting and using fruit.

Our customers are involved in the production process, which means they know the value of their Viz. In each glass of juice, you can feel their commitment, from the first show of blossom on the trees to picking the ripe apples. " Jean-Paul Friederes – founder of Eppelpress