How is cheese best kept ?

The ideal place for cheese is the upper compartment of the fridge.

If possible, buy cheese in pieces and not sliced or grated, it will thus last longer.

Always pack the cheese in the refrigerator to prevent it from drying out.

Blue cheese is best kept wrapped in a foil or in a closed container. This way the mould cultures cannot spread uncontrollably to other cheeses.

Hard and half-hard cheese, however, tends to “sweat” when wrapped in foil. There is condensation and mould can spread. It’s best to ask for replacement cheese paper in the supermarket to wrap it in or to choose normal greaseproof paper.

In the freezer, cheese loses its flavour to some extent; it can get grimy and dry. In the case of mould on hard cheese, cut out the mould extensively and be careful to check that it has not spread inwardly. In case of doubt, throw it away.

Tip: To determine whether the white spots on cheese are salt crystals or mould spots, wash the cheese. The salt dissolves in water, the mould does not!

Tip: Don’t prematurely cut off the rind of the cheese you buy in pieces; it protects against mould.


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