The solidarity pact against food waste

Food waste can only be fought against with the help of a wide mobilisation. That’s why it is so important that as many actors as possible join this wave of solidarity.
At the Cabinet meeting of 12 September 2019, the government decided, on the initiative of the Minister of Agriculture Romain Schneider, to reduce to amounts of food wasted at events organised by or with the State. This will be done by looking, together with suppliers, for ways to, among others :
  • buy responsibly ;
  • give preference to short food supply chains and buy more regionally and seasonably ;
  • recycle and re-use food which is still edible.

These guidelines are also enshrined in various “Food Waste charters”.

In 2019, we signed such a charter with the representatives of the Luxembourg youth hostels for all their establishments.

In 2017, an “Food Waste charter” was signed with the representatives of LUXEXPO THE BOX, who pledged to minimise food waste created during their event.

In 2017, the Ministry signed a “Food Waste charter” with the CGFP to create less waste in state canteens.

In 2017, a charter was signed with the organisers of the Agricultural Fair in Ettelbruck. While, with what the charter specified about storage and short food supply chains, we kicked at open doors as all this had already been implemented for a long time by producers and distributors, the aim was to send a common message to raise awareness so that we can all consume more responsibly.