On the occasion of the second edition of the call for projects 2021, three winners were chosen from amongst 11 entries:

  • “La cantine syrienne du Luxembourg” (“Luxembourg’s Syrian canteen”) by Foodsharing Luxembourg. This aims to set up the first canteen in the country where customers can enjoy a nourishing meal at whatever price they are willing to pay. The Syrian dishes are prepared using food that has been recovered.
  • “Gerette Liewesmëttel fair deelen” (“Sharing rescued food on a fair basis”) by the not-for-profit association Transition Nord. Unsold food from supermarkets and service stations in the Lac de la Haute-Sûre region is collected and distributed to people facing financial difficulties. It is also offered to people who are keen to take action to combat food waste.
  • “Conscious Dinner” by Happy Local. These events are organised by members of student associations working with Happy Local volunteers. They collect foodstuffs that have become unfit for sale in farms and businesses, and use them to concoct a menu that is also aimed at a public clientele.