Information and awareness-raising campaign against food waste

Worldwide, 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away. The biggest contributors are private individuals. In Luxembourg, a private household disposes of an average of 124 kg per head per year, which represents, for the country as a whole, three garbage trucks a day! Instead of throwing away food, every individual might as well throw 250 € a year right into the bin!
This is why the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to many other actors, sensitises everyone to consume more responsibly. World Hunger Day on October 16 is the kick-off day for the national media and awareness-raising campaign against food waste.
In addition to the media campaign on radio and television and in print and online media in autumn, there are also other actions by which the Ministry raises awareness on food waste throughout the year:

Campaign - 124 Reasons to change something

In Luxembourg, 124 kg of food is thrown away per person per year. These are 124 reasons to change something.... This is the new slogan of our campaign “Together against food waste”.
With this new campaign, we want to make people reflect and symbolise that we need to value our food again so that they will no longer waste it in the future....Campaign - 124 Reasons to change something
124 Grënn eppes ze änneren

Brochure – Together against food waste

This brochure gives you practical tips on how to waste less food: when running errands, storing food in the fridge or regarding the recycling of leftovers. However, it also provides important advice on e.g. interpreting the different dates on the packaging.Antigaspi brochure (DE & FR)
Broschü Liewensmettelverschwendung

Brochure - Best practices for municipalities

A total of 92 out of 102 municipalities have already signed the National Solidarity Pact and are committed to launching actions against food waste. The new “Best Practice” brochure will provide an overview of all actions in the country and is intended to inspire municipalities to implement additional initiatives.More on the municipal pact   
Gemengepakt Kaart

Travelling Antigaspi expedition and workshops

For any municipality which signs up to the Solidarity Pact, the travelling Antigaspi exhibition will be provided, delivered and set up free of charge by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is primarily aimed at pupils of the third and fourth cycle of primary school and draws the attention of children and teachers to the issue of food waste in a playful and interactive way.

In addition, the exhibition can also be found at major events in order to reach a wider audience and is often animated with great workshops.More about the Antigaspi exhibition   
Expo Antigaspi

Food waste training

The hotel school, Lycée technique hôtelier Alexis Heck, the Lycée technique of Bonnevoie and the Lycée technique agricole have signed up to the National Solidarity Pact against food waste and have thematised the issue across their subjects. Here the food professionals of tomorrow are trained.
We must try to move forward in small steps in order to conserve our natural resources and not to further burden future generations.
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